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Save Energy and Add Value to Your Louisville Home

Energy efficiency is crutcial when you own a home.  Not only does it have an effect on the environment but it also has a large effect on your pocket book.  So, here are some tips to help you in saving money and conserving energy.

1. Buy the Louisville home that fits you!

Our society gravitates towards bigger is better.  Yet, you should challenge this point of view when purchasing your Louisville home.  If your home is too large, you will be wasting money heating, cooling and maintaining a home your family doesn't need.  That money could go stratight to retirement, for your children's future or just to have a little extra fun.  

2. Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances & Know What to Unplug or Turn Off

Your refirgerator contributes to 10 percent of the energy use in your Louisville home.  When purcahsing large appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave, stove, heating and air, take time to consider their energy impact on your home, your wallet and the environment.  The options for energy efficiency get better every year.  Also, their are appliances that don't need to always be turned on like a coffee maker.  Simply unplug it after every use.  If you have power strips powering items you are constantly using, tuen them off.  Turn off lights if you aren't using a particular room.  All of these contribute to energy use, the money you can put back in your pocket and helping the environment.

3. Install Energy Efficient Lighting

Approximately 6 percent of an energy bill comes from lighting.  Installing compact fluorescent or LED bulbs will help make your Louisville home more efficient.  Plus, many offer much longer life spans than the bulbs we have been using for so many years.

4. Have Your Louisville Home Tested for Efficiency.

This particularly applies to windows,...