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The Difference Between Louisville REALTORS and Real Estate Agents

There are several similarities between Louisville Realtors® and real estate agents. They are both professionals in the real estate industry, both represent clients in real estate transactions and both are licensed.   However, they are not the same! Realtors® are real estate agents but not visa versa.  The difference is that Louisville Realtors® are members of NAR , National Association of Realtors®, and they subscribe to the Realtors® Code of Ethics.

This is important because Louisville Realtors® voluntarily abide by this code of ethics based on professionalism and protection of the public.  In addition, Louisville Realtors® are subject to disciplinary action and sanctions if they violate this code!

Check out the code at http://www.realtor.org/governance/governing-documents/the-code-of-ethics